The Queensland Choir is a not for profit, charitable organisation.  All donations greater than $2 each made to the choir are tax deductible.  We rely heavily on donations from our supporters and we are grateful for any amount that you are able to give.

The Choir is working towards its 150th year in 2022 and seeking support for its programmes to assist it in reaching this wonderful milestone.

It has updated its Strategic Plan to take it through this period. If you would like a copy of this document it can be downloaded from this site.  Download Now.

To assist those that are able to assist us we have also created a Sponsorship Opportunities document that can also be downloaded.  Download Now.

If you would like any further information on how you can help to support the choir financially or in other ways , please contact us.

If you would like to support The Queensland Choir, please download our donation form and make a donation today.

It will only take a moment of your time to fill out a donation form, but it really does make a difference. With the help of our friends and partners, we are able to continue performing and educating. This would not be possible if it were not for the kind support that we receive.

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Partners and Supporters

The Queensland Choir acknowledges and thanks all of its sponsors, donors and friends for their help throughout the year. Particular thanks goes to the Brisbane City Council for their ongoing support.

We are delighted to announce the partnership that has been established with the Queensland Cricketers Club and thank them for their sponsorship that will assist the work of the choir and the development of choral music in Brisbane.

If you would like to know more about possible partnerships with the Queensland Choir, please  contact us through our general enquiry details.

Major Supporters


Other Supporters


Media Partners


Individual Supporters

In addition to the wonderful support from the Brisbane City Council and the other organisations that provide assistance to the Choir we would like to acknowledge the people who have made donations to assist the Choir over the past year.

These donations have been vital for the ongoing work of the Choir.

The Choir would like to recognise the following supporters:

Mr Ron and Mrs Penny Blackwell
Mrs Janice Cattell
Ms Trudy Chapman
Mrs Bev Coulter
Ms Bernadette Fitzgerald
Mr Paul & Mrs Susan Garside
Mrs Jenny Gray
Mr Mark Gresswell
Mr Tony Groom
Mrs Jane Harper
Mrs Alison Hatchman
Mrs Jan and Mr Bill Henderson
Mrs Rita Howes
Mrs Melody Krok
Mrs Robyn Laurens

Mrs Karen Livermore
Mrs Joy MacDougall
Mrs Jan McCreary
Mrs Rosemary McDonnell
Mrs Valerie Neller
Mrs Lesley O’Dowd
Mr lan & Mrs Lyn Orchard
Mr Deon Payne
Ms Deborah Peach
Ms Andrea Ripper
Ms Kaylene Roberts
Mrs Babette Sutherland
Mr Gary Thorpe
Mr Michael Toohey
Mrs Jennifer Vaisey